Why WordPress is the best CMS for you

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Why WordPress is the best CMS for you

Your business needs a new website and you have either see WordPress, or someone mentioned it to you.  Maybe you’ve seen a website that you like, and think it would suit your business in a similar way – and it turns out to be WordPress!  But – can WordPress really handle your business needs? Can WordPress power your website and take you forward?

WordPress has quite the track record

As of 2022, WordPress is the top ranking CMS and powers an impressive 28% of the web (and still growing). 60% of all websites with a content management system (CMS) are built on WordPress.

If you are unsure what we mean by a CMS: this is where you can login to your website, make changes, upload photos, write a blog and so on – without really having to know any code.  Coded websites are still around, and we in fact build many, quite some years ago.  But it’s hard work.

The stats that demonstrate the dominance of WordPress speak for themselves.

Would you believe us if we told you the following website are made with, or have used WordPress?

  • Sony
  • Ebay
  • Metro
  • Facebook
  • The Mirror

And many many others that would just bore you to go through them all.  With our contacts at the BBC (UK), even they have a website that uses WordPress.

Forget License Fees

WordPress is open-source.  Say what?

Open as in any wordpress developer can modify and enhance the code. People around the world are working on and improving WordPress, to make it better.

Other CMS platforms are closed – so you cannot tweak the code, and you pay very high fees to host and use them.  Think of Shopify or Squarespace – that is closed.  Think of Big Commerce or Magento – that is closed, and often hosted elsewhere.

WordPress does not charge you for the software  So how do they make money?  Through Plugins and premium plugins, that are addons.  Tho quite often, a free plugin will do the job for you, just perfectly.  Want a shop?  Woocommerce is free.  What to improve your WordPress SEO?  Yoast is free.

Easily compatible with 3rd party applications

WordPress is powering a quarter of the Internet and has been thoroughly tested for a wide range of 3rd party plugins and integrations.

Many marketing tools can work alongside with WordPress, from stock management, to newsletter tools.

We are often asked if a client’s software can work with WordPress – and a quick look along tends to show it can.  With some APIs and ‘tokens’ for security, things can be connected very nicely.

Publishing content is a nice

WordPress started out as a platform to write blogs (known as Blogging). It has now grown up to become a strong and robust CMS trusted by some of the biggest enterprises and organisations in the world; its publishing abilities is unbeatable.

From SEO, to revisions, backups, authorship, moderation of content, and the astonishing array of design features, makes WordPress and genius at blogging.

WordPress is user-friendly and rather familiar

One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is that the back-end CMS is very intuitive and easy to use.  Anyone can learn to use it and that’s a huge advantage for your business. Sometimes you may need some training, to help you learn how to save drafts, upload images etc.  But when you see how it is done, it becomes obvious.

Not only is the learning curve small and training costs tiny, you’ll be surprised at how many of your employees have already used WordPress either in a previous role or in a personal capacity.

Unlike many other CMS platforms, when WordPress is updated (over which you can usually have control), the user interface does not change all that much, ,so you don’t have to ‘re-learn’ how to use the CMS with every update. The updates are made with backwards compatibility and usability in mind.


These are just some of the amazing reasons why WordPress is the ideal CMS for your business website.  From scale to almost total capacity to design what you want.  Through to security, endless plugins, and external connectivity.  Get in touch with us and let’s see if we can make WordPress work as beautifully for you, as it does for us and our clients.

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