WordPress Maintenance

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WordPress Maintenance

Our monthly WordPress Maintenance bespoke packages will keep your website running smoothly. Your website needs to be cared for by an experienced agency.

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A small thank you

We were provided with an efficient and effective professional website support service, which was delivered within a time-frame that exceeded our expectations.

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How we can maintain your site

We ensure that each month your WordPress installations are up to date, backups are made and WordPress security is in place.

Our WordPress Security package ensures your website is protected against the most common methods of attack and vulnerabilites, with improved Monitoring.

With the right hosting, daily backups are made, ensuring any miss-haps are easily restored for you – it’s a perfect ‘Plan B’.

We offer a managed hosting service providing daily backups, and easy server access for our support levels to be to stable and secure.

Keeping you Secure

If your website is not hosted by us, we do our upmost to keep your website secure.  We if do host your WordPress Website, you can be assured of the best security.

Each monthly package is tailored, so there is no set monthly fee. Two companies can have very different packages. If you want us to host your site, provide daily backups, and Plugin and WordPress updates, this would cost more per month than if we just performed some one off fixes. Get in touch with us about your needs and we will give you the best possible package.

There will be occasions when a plugin you have on your website was paid for someone you don’t contact any longer. If it is out of date and the support has expired for it, then there may be an additional cost; unless it can be ‘swallowed up’ in your package fee with us. We certainly hope so.

WordPress and plugins installed on your website are regularly updated to ensure it runs smooth and your website remains secure. This can include an array of services, including but not limited to:

WordPress Hosting
Plugin Updates
Wordpress updates
Installation of new Plugins
Hosting server updates.

Yep! Some websites need more attention than others. Because of this we offer monthly retainer packages in sets of 3, 5 or 7 hours. Or several days per month, if your website really needs it. We ‘tailor’ the package to you and your budget.