Power of Ownership and Open Source

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Power of Ownership and Open Source

Did you know that WordPress powers over a third of the World Wide Web.  And… more than 38% of the top 10,000 websites. What started as a blogging platform (and we began it with that), has evolved into the most widely-used content management system, membership systems and ecommerce in the world. 

WordPress can run the most eminent websites on the internet. Companies like Sony, TechCrunch, Microsoft, and Facebook all run websites using the CMS. It’s a leader in innovative digital experiences, and its ecosystem of experts on websites like Codeable and Fiverr, among designers continues to drive this forward. Developers, designers, and WordPress specialised agencies, all share knowledge and collaborate, meaning there is scope to evolve your website.

Because the system is flexible, has robust security (also server dependent) of the core CMS and speed of deployment, WordPress is a really amazing choice for website owners looking to scale for years to come.

Support with access to ALL its code – Open Source

The world is moving away from closed-off systems in favour of open and connected tools and services. As an open-source platform, WordPress offers complete freedom, flexibility, and customisability because you can access all the code – particularly when you host it yourself.

Easy Customisation through Design and Plugins

Need to customize your website? No problem – there is likely a plugin for that! If not, WordPress themes have varied tools for customisation of the design, through Custom CSS, and other options.  Plus a mountain of Plugins to do just want you want.  Need a Shop?  Easy.  Want the shop to have funky filters?  Yep, not a problem.

The core philosophy behind WordPress development services, is an emphasis on simplicity and efficiency. You can take the software and tweak it to suit your needs – or if you can’t, a developer most certainly can.

Extensive Content Capabilities

WordPress was built with the content creator in mind. It provides a user-friendly interface (a bit like MS Word) that you can relatively easily add and edit content to create a beautiful, high-impact website. WordPress has a brilliant content editing experience and is one of the primary reasons why it is the most popular open-source platforms. What’s more, there are many options to make content creation even easier, with ‘Page Builder’ tools, such as Gutenberg, WP Bakery and more.

WordPress is Built to Last

When choosing a system for your website (WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace), it’s important to keep longevity in mind. Don’t create headaches down the road by choosing a solution that can’t grow with you, or change as you want to alter it. WordPress is an ideal choice for enterprise organisations because it’s here to stay.  It’s constantly improving, and even when you host it, that version gets updated, along with Plugins.

Backward Compatibility

Dedicated to ensuring backward compatibility, WordPress is going to make sure you aren’t backtracking with each update. You can rest assured that the code you implement today isn’t going to break tomorrow, making it an incredibly future-proof platform. The vision for WordPress is that, much like many browsers and mobile apps, you shouldn’t have to think about which version you’re running – you’re just using WordPress.

Growing Talent Pool

The large and growing community of WordPress professionals is another sign the CMS is here to stay. You have a community to rely on and can attend a WordCamp near you to meet members of the core team and take advantage of the community’s knowledge.

If you have any questions about creating a WordPress website for your organisation, get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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